Coronavirus & service update


Coronavirus: A response - prayer, fasting and action

We are excited to bring you this information and encourage you to thank Jesus for His goodness and kindness this season. We together are a people full of faith and full of the Holy Spirit who are adaptable, and flexible to not let circumstances be the biggest voice, but rather allow Jesus to be glorified through this season.

Here are some practical changes which we are putting in place to help.

We want to remind you that you are free and powerful people who are able to make choices and know that we will support you in your decisions, understanding that circumstances are different for every individual and family.

We are continuing to monitor government guidelines on how people can gather.

We want to honour what is being said, whilst also understanding what are suggestions and what is law. So the information below is subject to change as the government may decide to implement further restrictions on gatherings in the coming days.

Information for the coming week

  1. We no longer have access to Llanwern High School for our Sunday gatherings.
  2. We have been blessed with use of the Gaer Christian Centre.

Sunday Morning Service: 22nd March (AM)

10.30am We will have some worship and Word online on Sunday morning which you can access via social media.

Details will follow later this week.

Sunday Evening: 22nd March (PM)

Our evening gathering is now cancelled.

Courageous Women Breakfast: 21st March

This will be cancelled.


This Friday there will be youth at the Gaer Christian Centre. Your young people will be informed through social media.

Again please consider your health conditions before attending.

Liberty Lambs

This provision is currently unavailable due to council building regulations.

Tuesday Prayer

We will be fasting and praying throughout the day on Tuesday 24th March.

Upcoming courses (marriage, leadership)

These dates will be adjusted and sent out. These will all be online Zoom courses which can be enjoyed and engaged with from the comfort of your own homes.


  • Please make sure you are checking and receiving our emails - if you do not receive them, please subscribe.
  • Keep in contact with Church family.
  • Please email us at [email protected] if you need anything or have any questions.

Whatever we decide to do as a church, I am sure there will be some who agree and some who criticise. Please understand we have never led through a situation like this and our hearts desire is to look after you well and also hear the voice of God above the voice of Coronavirus in this.

If you decide to visit someone or attend one of the provisions, please understand this is your choice. We love you and want to support you in your decisions. If you need something at this time, are worried and concerned or maybe you have an idea on how to help people, we are available to be contacted.

Here are some guidelines to remember

If you are in the vulnerable category as advised by the government, with regards to health and age category, please follow the governments guidelines.

Remember to…

  • Catch it – sneeze into a tissue.
  • Bin it – bin the tissue.
  • Kill it – wash your hands.
  • Do not touch your face unless you’ve washed your hands.

For those that will be gathering together, please remember to greet each other with a foot tap or elbow bump!

This is a fluid situation and we will continue to update you. If you have any issues please contact us directly.

Love you and bless you,
The Eldership Team at Liberty Church