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Menaa Uganda is the vision of Rob and Chris McFarlane who know and love Jesus and have a passion to share His heart through every part of their lives by using the gifts that God has invested in them. They met and married in Dubai and have two grown children. Rob has worked in the field of horticulture and Chris is a pediatric physiotherapist.

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At the heart of Menaa is a desire to empower the young men and women of Uganda to rebuild the nation through a sustainable framework of practical training and gospel-centered teaching.



• Tree Production Training Nursery. Training in the nursery will include grassroots sowing of seeds and propagating cuttings using the principles of Foundations for Farming. Foundations for Farming is a global ministry teaching sustainable agriculture using biblical principles.

• Physiotherapy for children with special needs. In Uganda children with disabilities are often misunderstood, considered a curse, and ultimately abandoned. We will partner with existing organisations making provision for children with special needs to help develop increased awareness and offer physiotherapy training for local carers and therapists.

• Hosting at Menaa. Our mission is to haves an open home and heart, providing local communities and international visitors with a restful place for training, mentorship, and nurturing. We seek to cultivate an atmosphere of worship and enjoyment of the presence of God; where there is space created to be built up, revived, and enter new places of freedom in Christ.

• Volunteers. There will be opportunity to volunteer on site in the tree nursery and to contribute to ongoing community projects working with children with special needs.



• Menaa tree nursery will help meet the demand for timber whilst providing an income and equipping young men and woman to provide a livelihood for their families.

• There will be an increased awareness around disability and empowerment of families and communities to embrace children with differences.

• Menaa hosting will facilitate physical and spiritual renewal for local and international visitors, fostering new friendships and God given connections.

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